Fresh and Better Quality

AgroEra produce is harvested on-demand and reaches farm-to-fork in less than 12 hours ... hence is super fresh!

Fair Prices

We benchmark our prices across several wholesale markets to make sure you can trust our pricing.


Orders are placed through our mobile app and supply appears magically at your location at the desired time.
About Us

Welcome to AgroEra

Every day we meet a new challenge, we stumble, we fall, we get up and learn ... and we start to run again. But most importantly, we run together. What keeps us going is the fact that we are able to impact the lives of so many people, and on something that is so fundamental ... food.

It gives us great joy when we are able to increase income of our farmers and and bring a smile of the faces of consumers as they enjoy the freshness of the produce. This makes every day that we spend at Crofarm, worthwhile.

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How It Works


Get aggregated demand from consumers and businesses

On-Demand Harvesting

Harvest from farm as per secured demand

Fast Delivery

Delivery from farm to fork in less than 12 hours

Consumer / Business

Maximum freshness, Minimum wastage, Best price

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